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The E-Code Difference

Uncommon Approach with Exceptional Results, Guaranteed

Break Outside the Box

Our Uncommon Approach Versus Traditional Coding & RCM Consulting Firms

Traditional RCM companies make big promises, but usually don’t delivery equally big results. We are proud of how we break outside the box and offer cost-effective, results-driven services with a guaranteed ROI. See how we compare and contrast to the traditional coding and revenue cycle management firms:

Big Price


And just plain, old effective.

Fluff is not enough

Practical Approach

Impressive Results

Analysis Paralysis



Ideas + Action

We offer practical ideas and take immediate action to deliver results.

Slow Pace

Efficient & Effective

Give us an hour and we'll show you how we can improve your bottom line. Guaranteed.

Assessments = Big PowerPoints

We Deliver Results

Not fancy PowerPoint presentations.

Our Value

We're not about a sales & marketing spiel which uses lots of fifty-cent words to create the impression that we are the best and the brightest in the business. We'd rather let our values and our value to our customers speak for themselves. Practical, results-driven is who we are. Fancy PowerPoints filled with fluffy words is who we are not.

ROI 100% Guaranteed

No other coding or RCM firm can make the same commitment. We promise every client will experience a ROI on the investment in our services.

Depth of Expertise

Our leadership team has a combined 70 years of expertise in medical coding & billing, supported by professional coders with an unparalleled depth of expertise.

We're An Asset Company

Most provider organizations see billing & coding services as a cost deficit. We believe these areas should be seen as a revenue positive part of operations. This drives our 100% ROI commitment: we see ourselves as an asset company, not an expense.

4X the Revenue

Our clients, on average, see at least a four times return on their investment in our services. How can you afford to not set up a call to see how we can get you the same results, if not better?

Give Us An Hour

This isn't an overblown sales pitch: give us an hour to review your billing practices and CDM and we guarantee we can identify opportunities that result in additional revenue.

Contact Us & Learn How We Can Help

No PowerPoint Needed: We Let Our Results Speak for Themselves


$1,300,000 in Cash Recoveries

Our charge capture audit, training & education, and revenue cycle review services identified opportunities in nearly every clinical department of this hospital client. Within three months, we were able to rebill services that resulted in over $1M in revenue.


$3,000,000 in Missed Revenue Recovered

We conducted our revenue capture review for a hospital client, which resulted in identifying over $2M in missed revenue opportunities. Additionally, we identified over $1M in pharmacy charges which were incorrectly set up in the billing system. 


Over $1,000,000 Realized from Workflow Optimization & Missed Charges

A leading critical access hospital was experiencing increased denials and a reduction in cash on hand. We were able to quickly identify inefficient coding & billing workflows as well as missed charge in the ED, OBS, surgery, and other clinical departments. Our optimizations and coding support produced over $1M in new revenue within a short period of time.


Revenue Improvement via Missed Hospital E&M Charges

A vascular and plastic surgery specialty group in New York was able to significantly improve their revenue via our revenue assessment and training & education services. Once the surgical team had been educated on the use of appropriate modifiers for hospital E&M charges, the practice was able to realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in improved revenue capture.


$1.9M+ in Improved Interventional Radiology Charges

An audit of charge capture and claims detail identified that one of our cardiac IR provider clients was missing 6 charge codes that should have been billed for on most cases. This quick and simple change netted an annual revenue improvement of more than $1.9M.


ROI Guaranteed: Every Client, Every Time

No other coding or RCM consulting company does what we do: guarantee a return on the investment in our services. It's that simple. 

E-Code Solutions

ECS delivers practical solutions and bottom line improvements to its customers, guaranteed.

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