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E-Code Solutions (ECS) was created in 2008 as a partnership between two highly experienced healthcare administrators frustrated with the continuous problems surrounding healthcare-related billing, coding and reimbursement.

Today, ECS stands as a beacon of hope to clients facing these same struggles. Armed with a strong arsenal of resources, ECS continually enhances its services in order to provide the best quality service(s) to our clients.

We are committed to help the payer and the providers of healthcare to code, charge, and be paid for appropriate services. We identify healthcare charges that have been billed in-appropriately with our “claims editing and auditing technology” but also provide our medical records reviews to determine if all charges were accurately billed and paid.

It is our commitment to “quality” healthcare reimbursement for both the payer and the provider. ECS was created in this partnership to make sure that we would not “sacrifice” good quality service for our clients.



To a valued and trusted partner to our healthcare clients and to assist them to improve the quality of their services.

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To ensure that our clients maximize revenue and reimbursement in order to support their missions to serve their patients and communities.

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Provide value by exceeding the expectations of our clients and of our employees. • Deliver outstanding client service. • Be accountable to our clients while acting in open and honest environment.

Bill Maurice, RHIT, CCS-P

President & CEO

Bill has nearly 27 years of experience in healthcare billing, coding, and reimbursement operations. His unique background includes work on the provider and the payer side of healthcare. He has helped current clients identify missed charge capture opportunities and have turned claims denials into appropriate revenue. He was asked by the United States General Accounting Office (GAO) to advise on various issues for The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Programs (CMS), communicating with hospitals/physician practices nation-wide, and has served on the Medicare Part B Advisory Board. In previous years, he developed, designed, and implemented the coding and revenue capture division and the corporate compliance program for one of the nation’s largest third-party billing companies. As Corporate Compliance Officer, he was assisted by a healthcare attorney that helped design the Officer of Inspector General’s (OIG) Healthcare Compliance Program for Third-Party Medical Billing Companies.

He has worked with and provided expertise for many critical access hospitals (CAHs), rural health clinics (RHCs), physician practices, and some of the most prestigious academic medical centers in the nation such as The University of Southern California (USC), Kaiser Permanente, and Evanston Northwestern (ENW). Bill was also one of the developers and owners of a medical claims editing and auditing company that scrubbed healthcare claims for third-party payers. He is a Registered Healthcare Technician (RHIT) and a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS-P).

Kacey Schaefer, CPC

Executive Director of Operations

Kacey is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) who has over 15 years of experience in healthcare billing, coding, and reimbursement operations that includes both the hospital facility and physician pro-fee coding. She has an outstanding back-ground that includes a passion for all areas of coding and reimbursement. She is our Executive Director of Operations where she is responsible for all HIM, coding, auditing, and revenue capture. She is responsible for the following areas for both hospital and pro-fee specialty areas: Inpatient Acute, Skilled Nursing, Observation, Emergency department services (minor procedures and drug administration/infusion, Outpatient Surgery, Ancillary – Outpatient Lab, Radiology services, recurring services, Physical & Occupational, and Speech therapy services, plastic, vascular, pain management and many more areas. She provides physician education, runs queries, works with the insurance billers/coders to correct edits, and resolves claims denials.

Kacey is in charge of in-service education and training and is responsible for all Quality Management Audits. She controls the day to day operations of the company, and manages the productivity for all staff, as well as, making sure all coders are meeting our internal and client expectations. She has a great understanding and knowledge of AMA, AHA coding guidelines, as well as, CMS and Third-Party Payer Reimbursement Rules. She will take any task or job that is handed to her and will make sure to complete the task at hand at the highest level possible. She has experience with multiple encoders, hospital EMR’s, and revenue cycle management systems.

Hayden Maurice, CPC, PTA

Manager of Revenue Capture

Hayden is a dedicated Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) who has experience in Healthcare Analytics, Coding, and Revenue Capture Operations.  Hayden joined ECS team to help “ramp-up” and bring additional experience in physicians’ revenue.   He has improved doble digit collection percentages to our clients within months of joining the ECS family.  His leadership and problem-solving skills are un-parallel to the ECS revenue capture team.  He is an expert in identifying and creating specific appeal letters by individual payer(s) and applying them according to commercial payer medical policies including ERISA law.  Hayden uses historical claims data to identify pockets of missing opportunities, and he has helped develop on-going reimbursement analytic tools so that both provider of services and the payers are appropriately paying claims.  Not only does Hayden have the technical specialized skill sets, but he also has the “clinical” side of healthcare as well, that helps improve our overall operations with educating other medical providers so that they understand the importance of “quality” data. 

He is responsible for managing our revenue capture team, and to ensure that client deliverables have been in accordance with physicians’ revenue.  He is particularly adept at improving operations and providing root cause analysis to prevent future recurrence. He possesses a broad background in business operations, professional services, and exceptional technical & clinical skills.   When it comes to going outside the “lane” with improving revenue capture in regard to “root cause” analysis, he is the “go to person” who “identifies” these opportunities.  His core back-ground in healthcare has proven success in the field.  He is on our “Executive Board” of the ECS company that provides direction on the success of the company.


Twana Robtison, CCS

Manager of Inpatient Hospital and Ancillary Coding

Twana Robtison is a Credentialed Certified Coding Specialist (CCS). She has over “Thirty plus years” of knowledge working within the Health Information Management field as a Director of Quality, Client Manager, Coding Manager, Auditor and Coder. Twana is an expert in the world of “Inpatient Coding” for ECS’s client hospital systems and rural community hospitals (ex. Critical Access Hospitals (CAH’s)). She has a working knowledge of many different specialties including Medical Oncology, Lab, Radiology, Injections/Infusions, etc. etc.. Her work experience includes Level 1 Trauma (Acute Care), Academic Facilities, Community Hospitals and Critical Access. Working remotely, either full-time or part-time, for fifteen years, and traveled as a consultant for six years. In possession of excellent organizational skills, has often independently managed multiple priorities. Demonstrates a proactive and creative approach, and has been responsible for implementation of multiple electronic systems and applications. She has served as SME and resource for documentation and coding rules, conducting risk assessment and compliance deficiencies, and coding denials.

Twana is an expert in validating accuracy of the assignment of ICD-10 codes, MS-DRGs, APR-DRGs, SOI, ROM and POA indicators, in compliance with the American Hospital Association, American Health Information Management Association, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and National Center for Health Statistics. She also develops policies and standards to guide coding services, budget preparation, and revenue cycle supervision, as well as liaison between HIM and other departments (e.g. Lab, Radiology, CDI, Business Office). Twana is a “team player” and has been a major asset to ECS and our clients when it comes to all “Inpatient Hospital Coding” and ancillary services coding.

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